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  • Aluna Acompañamiento Psicosocial, A.C.

Political Subjects in the Face of Covid: Reflections from Psychosocial Accompaniment

This article presents an analysis of the work carried out by Aluna with political subjects in Mexico within the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on our experience of accompanying over 30 individuals, families, and organizations that defend human rights and freedom of expression, we addressed the impacts that COVID-19 has had on personal, family, collective, and social levels and in the fields of the

psycho-emotional, internal dynamics, political projects, and security.

We also reflected on the ground covered with Aluna’s pedagogical accompaniment model: the constraints and challenges of working in confinement; the adjustments in the methodology of our workshops with political subjects; the dilemmas, internal conflicts, and strategies that organizations have used to cope with the pandemic and carry on with their rights defense work, recognizing their grave context of sociopolitical violence; and, finally, some lessons that we have developed together with political subjects in the face of COVID-19. The psychosocial approach is the cross-cutting theme of the data systematization, of our analysis, and of the presentation of results throughout this article.

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