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  • Aluna Acompañamiento Psicosocial, A.C.

TOMORROW OF FREEDOM | Stories of resistance and psychosocial accompaniment

In Mexico, human rights defenders and organizations, social movements, and journalists face risks and impacts for their work in contexts of sociopolitical violence.

Tomorrow of freedom (produced by Aluna Acompañamiento Psicosocial and directed by La Sandía Digital) is a documentary series that narrates four stories in which psychosocial accompaniment contributed to strengthening resistance processes, so that people could continue their work in defense of human rights.


  • Nora Vargas and Ana Luisa Barajas, from the feminist organization Emas Inc. (Morelia, Michoacan).

  • Leonardo Durán, from the Tosepan Cooperatives Union (Cuetzalan, Puebla).

  • Armando De la Cruz Cortés and Adriana Luna, from the organization for the defense of territory and indigenous rights Tequio Legal Inc. (Oaxaca).

  • Cuitláhuac, Afrodita and Lenin Mondragón Fontes, relatives of Julio César Mondragón Fontes, victim of the repression in Ayotzinapa (Tenancingo, State of Mexico).

It consists of four chapters:

Chapter 4 - Building hope (duration: 12'03)

Spanish Version here.

This series was made possible thanks to the support of Bread for the World

and the Civil Service for Peace Mexico 2021


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